Business Coaching

CBSolutions’ Business Coaching service is designed to increase your company’s profitability and effectiveness by working with your company’s keys staff (CEO, department managers and others) and helping them achieve their critical goals and targets. Business Coaching will also help your key staff realize their full potential and increase productivity.

As of today, a number of progressive companies are benefiting from CBSolutions’ Business Coaching. These companies represent various sectors including construction, financial services, audit, public sector and others. Their references are available upon individual request.

CBSolutions’ Business Coaching will help you achieve your important goals in the most optimal way. The coaching is offered in an individual format to CEOs and key staff of the client companies. The coaching sessions are conducted by a certified professional coach with over 14 years of management experience. The coaching is offered in three languages (Azerbaijani, English, Russian) and is structured in a way that allows for minimum interruption from your regular work schedule (60-90 minutes per week). Read more about CBSolutions' coaching methododology...

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from the following Business Coaching programs (our service include, but is not limited to the products below):

The Golden Minutes (developing effective time management skills)

Based on the Pareto Principle, about 80% of what we achieve results from only 20% of what we do. In other words, your choice of what you decide to focus on at work is critical to your overall success. The Golden Minutes program will help you organize and manage your time to get maximum business results and satisfaction from your efforts. In addition, it will help you increase your time off to spend more precious moments with your family and on personal recreation.

The Master Manager (enhancing management skills for managerial staff)

After the celebration on the new appointment is over, the time comes for the new manager to take charge. This might become a challenging period for many people. And having strong technical background does not necessarily mean that the new manager finds it easy to manage people and business processes. The Master Manager program provides practical support to a manager in setting priorities, practicing people management skills, effectively delegating responsibilities, and meeting business targets.  The program can also benefit more experienced managers who would like to take their skills to the next level.

Close the Deal (increasing sales and revenues)

Not surprisingly, the lack of sales is one the most detrimental factors to any business. On the other hand, increasing sales may become one the most powerful ways to boost your company’s profits. Each company is unique and conventional training programs don’t always provide solutions for every situation. The program will help you find your own solution to winning your customers’ hearts and increasing company’s revenues.      

Next Business Level (implement process for applying new business standards)

In today’s competitive business world, it is critical for companies to increase business standards, certify in their business fields and constantly set new goals for improvement. On the other hand, however, there is never enough time for the top managers to effectively deal with this demand as they are overwhelmed by their daily work. The program will help you to start today to organize the right process for preparation, application and adaptation of new standards such as new management and optimization systems, important certification in your field, quality standards, performance measuring and other processes that will put your company ahead of your competitors.  

Coaching methodology

Coaching is a process of helping an individual or a group in realizing their full potential, achieve their goals and targets in the most efficient manner.

Coaching involves establishing a professional relationship between the coach and coachee that helps the coachee formulate and achieve his/her professional goals, create an action plan and follow through with that plan in the most optimal way. Coaching helps people produce outstanding results in a relatively short period.

CBSolutions’ Business Coaching program is designed to offer individual coaching sessions to top- and mid-level managers (CEOs, department managers, key administrative staff, etc).

The program’s four main stages include: 1) setting coachee’s goals and objectives; 2) actualization (analysis of feasibility); 3) developing action plan; and of course, 4) process of implementing the action plan (this is also called “willpower stage”). The last stage is accompanied by intensive analysis of the progress made and making necessary corrections to the course as appropriate.

The coaching for each individual is introduced through weekly one-on-one 60-90 minutes sessions (average of four sessions per month). The minimum recommended duration of coaching for one individual is three months.