“CONSULTING PLUS” organizational development program

Do you feel that your company has the potential to developing at a faster pace? Would you like to make better use of available resources and opportunities? How can you get ahead of your competition?

If you are interested in finding solutions to these challenges, the “CONSULTING PLUS” program is the right choice for you. 

In today’s competitive business world, the industries are dominated by the companies that constantly learn new business concepts, improve quality standards, boost organizational development and go an extra mile in setting up better optimization systems.

The CONSULTING PLUS program helps your company take an overall look at your development process from a variety of different angles, design an action plan addressing most critical development aspects, and implement this plan in the most optimal way.  

The CONSULTING PLUS program also helps your company develop a clear perspective in regards to the following critical components of your organizational enhancement process:

  1. How efficient is your organizational and functional structure and how it can be further improved.
  2. How can you further optimize the use of your resources (including human resources).
  3. What are your financial targets and what is being done to achieve them.
  4. Where do you see your company in the market and what is being done to enhance that.
  5. What are your long- and short-term goals and what is being done to achieve them.
  6. What competencies do you need to develop to achieve those goals.
  7. Where do you start today to increase your development pace.

The difference between the “CONSULTING PLUS” and other consulting products is CBSolutions’ ability to strengthen the implementation of your action plan through a Coaching Program conducted for the individuals in your company mainly responsible for the implementation of the plan (more about CBSolutions’ Coaching Program).

Program Methodology:

The program consists of the following stages:

I. Introductory stage

Meetings with the company management are conducted to assess the company’s situation and to clarify the expectations, timeframe, terms and conditions for the upcoming consulting cooperation.

II. Diagnosis stage

This includes individual meetings with the key staff in the company. These meetings result in identifying the most important development issues, best practices, key factors negatively impacting company’s development, and discussing possible options for addressing these important challenges.

 The information received at individual meetings is reported to the company’s management (degree of confidentiality is defined by company’s CEO). The report presented includes information shared by company’s representatives shared at individual meetings as well as recommendations of CBSolutions.         

III. Developing action plan

A series of group meetings with participation of key company representatives and facilitated by CBSolutions are held to once again review offered solutions and decide on the action plan. The action plan will specifically focus on problematic areas identified at earlier stages and discussed at individual meetings. The plan will include goals, objectives, planned activities and measurable targets.

IV. Implementation stage

While your company carries out the action plan, CBSolutions offers an option of enhancing this process by conducting individual coaching sessions for the key staff managing the implementation of the action plan (read more about CBSolutions’ Coaching Program). 


Please contact us to learn more about the “CONSULTING PLUS” program and how it can address your specific needs.