High-Caliber Search

CBSolutions’ High-caliber Search service specializes on the direct search (headhunting) for most talented and experienced professionals for the top and mid-level managerial, as well as high-level technical positions.  

CBSolutions’ key competitive advantage is our ability to identify candidates who are already successfully employed and not looking for a job. Such candidates do not respond to job announcements, but represent the most interest to potential employers. By working with CBSolutions, our clients gain access to the best professionals specializing in various disciplines such as engineering, IT, accounting, audit, law, marketing and sales, human resources, logistics, procurement, and others. 

CBSolutions’ is currently working with a number of leading companies representing various industries such as oil & gas, construction, financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and others. CBSolutions is proud of our long-lasting relationships with our clients. Once becoming our client, most companies choose to remain our client for a long time due to the quality of service and the benefits they get from our cooperation. 

Why CBSolutions?

Four reasons to choose CBSolutions as a provider of high-caliber candidates for your key positions:

  1. Direct search (headhunting): Our clients receive access to candidates that are unavailable to most recruiters and potential employers. Through direct headhunting, we find candidates who already have jobs and do not respond to job advertisement. It is not surprising that the most talented people in your industry are likely to be already employed. And those who are thinking of a career change are so busy with their daily work that they have limited time to regularly monitor the job announcements. CBSolutions uses its extensive professional networks uniquely developed specifically for the purpose of finding such candidates within the minimum timeframe.  
  2. Quality of selection: We are very conscious of our clients’ busy schedules and expectation to spend time only on candidates of the best quality. We are extremely selective where it comes to the profile of candidates that we send to our clients. At CBSolutions, the selection of candidates is thoroughly conducted by professionals with over a decade of top-level management and personnel selection experience.   
  3. Individual customized approach: We put more emphasis on developing the quality business relationships with our clients and understanding their staffing needs than increasing the number of new projects. We limit the number of search projects to focus only on a few at a time, putting all our energy and resources in closing your position as quickly as possible with the consideration of your specific timeline and requirements. This helps increase the quality (rather than quantity) of our search projects.   
  4. Ethical standards: CBSolutions takes the full responsibility for the confidentiality in regards to the information that we are entrusted with by our clients. In addition, we never approach our current clients’ staff with job offers. We take these principles very seriously and never compromise on them regardless of circumstances (read CBSolutions’ Ethics Statement)

Please call us at +(994 12) 436 7794 or send an e-mail to with your requirements for a position that you need to fill. We will respond shortly and might ask a few questions that will help us to identify the candidates that best suit your needs.

CBSolutions looks forward to our cooperation!